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5.7 - 6.3
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5 - 6.5
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16.5 - 17.5
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Colour medium-red … red, glossy
Comments early everbearer with good taste, poor yield in the open field, substrate culture recommended
– protected variety, Head Licence: Peter Vinson, GB

Sweet Eve, Eve’s Delight, Verity

These everbearers from Peter Vinson are a significant improvement to Evi II and Everest in terms of taste. Compared to the usually rather average tasting everbearers, especially Verity stands out in a positive manner.
The possible yield potential largely depends on the form of cultivation.
Yields of these three varieties on open land are definitely too low. Furthermore, especially Sweet Eve is very prone to Phytoph­tho­ra cacto­rum. Substantially improved yield results can be reached by growing  in substrate culture under tunnel. This gives you the chance to reuse an already constructed tunnel again and again. Costly assembling and dismantling procedures are no longer required. The site can be freely selected, because you don’t have to consider natural soil conditions or potential diseases (you can find more information about substrate culture on page 50).
All described cultivation methods are recommendable for these varieties.
The selection of plant types is very important. Thereby, you have to decide if you aim at a late harvest after the juneberry varieties or if a first harvest round preliminary to the conventional early varieties, is interesting for your marketing as well. We offer different sizes of tray plants. Because of the flower initiation in autumn these plants have a different yield potential depending on their strength. The aim is a very early harvest of these autumn blooms (about seven weeks after planting).
This first harvest usually goes along with high prices, so that an expensive tray plant pays off.
After a break of about four weeks further inflorescences turn up regularly. The development of the plant proceeds consistently to a continuous fruit harvest. By contrast, a spring planting with Frigoplants (the first 1-2 flowers are normally taken out), involves the danger that the plants come into an unfavourable relation concerning leaf/bloom. Current work in the stock, like taking out the flowers or reducing leaf mass, can be the consequence.
Sweet Eve is the little earlier, sweeter variety. The combination with Eve´s Delight is possible in order to have regularly high yield sizes over the entire ripening season. In hot weather conditions, mounting nutlets of Eve´s Delight are very disturbing.
Both varieties have very good fruit strength and are also suitable for marketing in trade. The glossy fruits have an attractive shape and provide a convincing picture in punnets.
Verity is also a variety with good fruit strength. Taking into account all provided Vinson varieties, she has the best taste. The presentation in punnet is also very convincing. Unfortunately the yield is rather low, so that you can only be successful with this variety in a high-priced marketing form.