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23 - 24.8
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Colour medium-red, glossy
Comments susceptible to mildew, red spider and sunburning, suitable for production under polyethylene or fleece covering
– protected variety, Head Licence: Darbonne, France

Darselect® is a successful variety for pick-your-own plantations, direct marketing and the commercial sector. It is very suitable for early season production, and it can also be planted on former strawberry sites.
Cold-store Darselect® plants should be planted in April/May.
Fresh plant material is planted best in early August.
Plants should be kept free of mildew. First mildew symptoms show up in Darselect® plants at an early stage and have to be treated immedia­tely. The fruits are not affected by mildew.

When selecting the field keep in mind that the variety is susceptible to blossom frost damage.

Darselect® blooms early with blossoms growing above the leaves. Earlier season production will in­-crease the risk of frost damage. So make sure you select a well protected site. Frost irrigation is recommendable in critical areas.
A cultivation scheme adapted to the variety will give optimised re­­­sults. Especially the yield and the gloss of the fruits can be further improved. Where nitrogen re­quire­ments are con­cern, apply the usual 80 kg/ha.

The right date of fertiliser appli­cation is important for the plants to generate blossoms early in autumn.
The leaf mass development should be completed by early September. There­fore, don’t apply nitrogen to newly planted fresh dug material, or choose a very careful dose. Modest fertiliser application is also advisable in the spring (although it has to be considered that a larger leaf mass can help minimise the risk of sunburn damage). The main nitro­gen application is done after the harvest.

When growing Darselect® make sure you maintain a proper balance of potassium and mag­nesium in the soil (soil analysis). Magnesium application during the fruit growth phase can enhance the gloss of the fruits. We recommend using leaf ferti­l­isers.

The fruits are perfect for picking when the outer skin shows a uniform brick-red colour. Pick every 3 – 4 days, as a rule of thumb. When harvested ripe, Darselect® will re­­ward you with fruits of excellent flavour, flawless quality and good transport properties.