The cultivation of raspberries increased significantly within the past years. New varieties an increasingly intensive cultivation made this culture not only interesting for direct marketing but also for the wholesale market.

When looking at the varieties that carry their fruits in the summer, a change of varieties in favor of Tulameen and Glen Ample took place years ago. Now, fall carrying plants are now undergoing this change of varieties. New varieties such as Kwanza, Kweli and Mapema offer interesting alternatives to the long-proven varieties like Himbo-Top and Polka.

The high demands of the commerce regarding the quality of raspberry fruits are increasing. To follow up on these demands, not only the choice of varieties, but also the method of production is important. Short periods of the cultures, an intensive raspberry culture and the cultivation of raspberries in substrate cultures lead to better and more even fruit qualities. This substrate cultivation usually takes place with raspberry Long Cane plants.

Regarding the more intensive forms of production, also the producers of young plants have to provide good material of plants. We have expanded our own production of high-end raspberry plants to potted fresh plants and Long Cane plants.