The farming of raspberry plants has increased steadily during the last years. New varieties and intensive farming have made raspberries more interesting not only for direct marketing but also for trade production. While the change in the summer varieties has already been in favor of Tulameen and Glen Ample we witness an increase in the fall varieties. New varieties like Kwanza, Kweli, and Mapema provide interesting alternatives to the more established varieties Himbo-Top and Polka.

The demands of the trade on the quality of raspberries are rising. In order to meet these demands it is important to choose the right variety but also the right method of production. Shorter cultivation periods, a more intensive raspberry cultivation as well as the farming of raspberries in substrate lead to better and more even fruit quality. This substrate culti­vatuionis is often done with raspberry Long Cane plants.
In view of the more intensive production, it is necessary that the plant propagator can offer the right plants.

We have expanded our own production of high-end raspberry plants into Plug plants and Long Cane plants.