By now, raspberries are offered throughout the whole year in Germany. Besides the times of harvest in Germany, supermarkets are selling imported goods from Spain and Morocco. The trading demands regarding the quality of the fruits have been rising. In order to meet those demands, not only the choice of variety, but also the production is important in the cultivation process. Shorter time periods of cultivation and cultivation of raspberry plants in substrate cultures lead to a better and higher constant fruit quality.
The local raspberry production got more and more intense due to this situation on the market. The planting of raspberry potted green plants prevailed. When looking at the summer varieties, Tulameen and Glen Ample are the varieties which are cultivated most. For autumn varieties there are many new varieties as well as Kwanza, Polka and Mapema that are cultivated. Especially in direct marketing, the cultivation of raspberry Long Cane plants found a place.
When looking at the more intense forms of production, young plant producers have to provide suitable planting material. We offer you standard rods but also high-quality potted green plants and long cane plants from our own production.