Mother plants from our own production

Healthy plants are the basis for successful fruit cultivation. Pro­du­cing our own starting material we take the de­­cisive step to en­sure the pro­pagation of healthy plants. As we know from experience new di­s­eases emerge re­­gionally at first be­fore spreading over larger areas.
Cultivating mother plants of different origin at one site always in­­volves a high risk of disease progression. We minimise the risk by keeping our starting material strict­ly apart from plants of other origin. For the reasons mentioned above we have put a ”closed system” in place.
The production of our elite plants starts with in-vitro propagation in the laboratory. Unlike in common meristem labs, the idea is not to produce as many seedlings as possible in a short period of time. In­­stead, our one and only intention is to get a small number of definitely healthy plants. In the
following steps, we exclusively use runners for propagation. First of all, the in-­vitro plants are propagated in a saran house. The tightly woven, gauze-like saran fabric prevents in­­sects from entering the house and infecting the plants with viruses. Mother plants as well as seedlings are grown on table beds, in safe distance from the ground bed, so that infection by soil fungi is excluded. For extra safety, the super-elite plants (SEE) produced in the saran house are in­­spected for di­seases on an annual basis.
The super-elite plants (SEE) are then propagated on a special site, far away from other strawberry plantations. The resulting elite plants (EE) are used for the production of commercial plant material and are sub­ject to constant supervision by the Chamber of Agriculture.